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cars for sale canberra
New Car Sales Canberra Belconnen ACT
February 3, 2017
cars for sale canberra
Honda Dealer Canberra ACT
May 24, 2017
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Car Deals Canberra Belconnen ACT

cars for sale canberra

Car Deals Canberra by Rolfe Honda

Buying a new car can be as exciting as it can be frustrating. Your enjoyment can quickly disappear when you realize just how much information you have to consider about your lifestyle factors, the models, engines, features, colours – it’s easy to walk away feeling completely out of your depth. Some car salespeople won’t even take no for an answer.

We are familiar with these pressures.

That’s why we’ve trained our staff to do things differently from other dealerships in Car Deals Canberra.  This is also why we’ve invested in a modern new showroom to make you feel at home with:

  • A comfortable air-conditioned environment with everything you need.
  • Private rooms to discuss your financial needs in confidence.
  • An inviting coffee lounge to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with us.
  • Dedicated delivery rooms to look after your privacy.  Yes, you can ask us all the questions you want without others overhearing.
  • Plenty of free parking; no need to pay.
  • A diverse choice: we stock up to 80 cars from which to select.
  • A wide range of demonstrators:  we stock up to 20 demonstrator cars for you to try.


In addition:

  • We provide easy finance options that make purchasing your Honda car deals Canberra truly affordable.
  • You can video conference with us from any part of the world, or from the comfort of your own home.
  • By being conveniently located at the center of Belconnen we are close to the Northern suburbs of Canberra for all Honda sales and service needs.


At Rolfe Honda / New Car deals Canberra, we are determined to make your new car selection an easy, enjoyable, rewarding, personal and positive experience.

We are your finest choice.

Contact us today.

The team at new Hondas for sale Canberra Belconnen | Rolfe Honda

Car Deals Canberra

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