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cars for sale canberra
Cars For Sale Canberra Belconnen ACT
February 3, 2017
cars for sale canberra
Canberra Honda Dealer Belconnen ACT
February 3, 2017
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Used Cars For Sale Canberra Belconnen ACT

cars for sale canberra

Used Cars for Sale Canberra by Rolfe Honda

If buying a new car is confusing, then choosing a used car can be even more stressful.

Do you know the car’s real history, is it accident-free, has the mileage been tampered with, has it been properly maintained, or is it safe for your family?

How can you be certain that the used cars for sale canberra you are interested in is not full of problems?

At Rolfe Honda we recognise all the pitfalls and our staff are trained to help you avoid them. We can explain everything there is to know about our wide range of handpicked used cars.  Choose from small, medium or large cars, most with low kilometers, including a variety of late models and demonstrators.

If you’re busy and can’t come in, you can easily search our used cars for sale canberra database available in this website to find exactly what you need in just a few clicks. When you have considered options and are interested in more information, give us a call to discuss details.


At Rolfe Honda we can offer you:

  • A wide range of used cars for sale canberra, many of them still under the manufacturers’ warranty.
  • An assortment of cars that arrives to our showroom weekly for a bigger choice.
  • Finance to suit your individual needs.
  • Same-day delivery (to approved customers) so you can enjoy your car immediately.
  • Australia-wide delivery (conditions and charges apply).  This means you can purchase from any location in Australia.
  • Our free car finding service will assist you in finding the right used car at the right price. Just let us know what you are looking for and how much you wish to spend, we’ll go hunting for a car that’s right just for you.


Let our people help you find exactly what you need.

Give us a call.

Used Cars For Sale Canberra

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